Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are applicable to all Tobook.lv services available directly or indirectly (via distributors) online from any device with an internet connection. By accessing, inspecting and/or using the Tobook.lv website or its applications (jointly hereinafter - the Site), you confirm that you have agreed, read and understood the terms and conditions indicated below (including Use of cookies).

The content, infrastructure and online reservation system of beauty care services is ensured by Tobook.lv. The Site is available for your private non-commercial use, in conformity with our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions may be supplemented.

1. Range of our services

On our site we and our related (including distributors) partners ensure reservation of the services offered by the members of all types of the beauty care market (hair salons, solarium, spa, massage rooms, manicure studios and others, hereinafter - the Salons) via our reservation system. By making a reservation via our platform, you become a party to (legally binding) legal relations with the administration of the relevant Salon, but we - the intermediary between the client and the Salon, transfer the reservation information to the relevant Salon and send you a confirmation text message and/or e-mail on behalf of the Salon.

All information regarding the Salon and its provided services shall be ensured by the Salon, thus we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete and correct. We do not assume responsibility for errors (including service and printing errors), any interruptions (temporary and/or partial interruption, correction, restoration or improvement of the platform), inaccurate, decisive or incorrect information or a lack thereof. Each Salon is responsible for the correctness and completeness of information regarding its own Salon, including the prices and availability published on our website.

Our services are available for private and non-commercial use. It is prohibited to use, copy, control (spider, scrape), depict, download or alter the content, information, software, products or services (including hyperlinks) available on our website for any commercial or competing activity or purpose.

2. Price guarantee

All prices indicated by Tobook.lv are for one service only including VAT and all other taxes (taxes may change), unless the Salon has indicated otherwise.

The Salon is responsible for its special offers and discounts, and special restrictions and terms may apply thereto, for example special cancellation terms. Please carefully check the service and price information prior to making a reservation.

Clear mistakes (including printing mistakes) are not binding to us.

All special offers and campaigns are marked.

3. Privacy and cookies

We respect your privacy. For more information, please read our Use of cookies.

4. Free of charge

Our services are free of charge, since, compared to other service providers, we will not charge a service fee from you and not add an additional (reservation) fee to the service price.

5. Credit card and bank transfer

Please note that the Salon administration shall retain the right to apply special terms for special offers and campaigns. Please carefully check the reservation terms prior to making a reservation.

In the event of credit card fraud or unauthorised use thereof, the majority of banks and credit card companies assume the risk and cover any losses resulting therefrom. A deductible is sometimes applied (usually EUR 50 or a similar amount in the local currency). If your credit card has been illegally used by fully or partially paying for the services, making a reservation via our platform, but your bank or a credit card company applies a deductible, we shall cover this amount up to EUR 50 (or a similar amount in the local currency). In order to receive compensation, please inform the bank or the credit card company regarding this fraud (pursuant to a notification procedure) and immediately contact us by e-mail (info@tobook.lv). Please indicate “credit card fraud” in the subject field of the e-mail and submit proof that a deductible has been charged from you (for example, terms of the credit card company). This compensation shall only be applicable to the credit card reservations via the safe Tobook.lv server, if the unauthorised use of the credit card has taken place due to a failure to fulfil our obligations or due to our negligence and not as a result of your own fault.

6. Cancellation

By making a reservation you agree and confirm not only the terms of Tobook.lv but also of the relevant Salon, including the terms and conditions for cancellation, failure to appear and any other terms and conditions of the services and/or products provided by the Salon applicable to your reservation and a visit to the Salon.

General terms for cancellation and failure to arrive at each Salon, if any, shall be available on the informative page of the relevant Salon, as well as at the moment of reservation and in the reservation confirmation in the e-mail.

All information regarding the reservation made, as well as the cancellation opportunities may be found in the confirmation message of the reservation sent to you by a text message and/or by e-mail at the moment of reservation.

Prior to making a reservation, please carefully read through the terms for cancellation and failure to arrive for an appointment at the Salon.

7. Processing of Personal Data

Tobook.lv and AS Delfi, as the maintainer and provider of the platform, informs you that we process data based on the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Data controller is AS Delfi, registration No. 40003504352, 4 Dēļu iela, room 8, Riga, Latvia, LV-1004.

AS Delfi carries out processing of the client’s and its representative’s data (collection, registration, entry, storage, delivery, disclosure, etc.).

Data of natural persons in possession of AS Delfi is confidential, and they are not available to third parties; personal data shall only be disclosed to third parties to fulfil legal obligations and contractual liabilities of Tobook.lv and AS Delfi for ensuring service provision in accordance with the laws and regulations of the republic of Latvia.

8. Further correspondence

By making a reservation you agree to receive:

(i) a confirmation e-mail and/or text message, which we will send to you at the moment of reservation;

(ii) confirmation e-mail and/or text message that we may send you shortly prior to your planned arrival date, reminder information regarding your service, as well as other information and offers (including third-party offers that you agree to receive) that is related to your service;

(iii) e-mail and/or a text message which we can sent to you shortly after the end of your reservation, asking for you to rate the received service and leave feedback.

Please familiarise yourself with the Use of cookies to find out more about what type of cookies we use.

9. Ratings and client feedback

Rating of the Salon on its informative page on our website is formed by the ‘average score’ calculated as the average value among scores left by all clients in respect of quality, price of the received service, Salon interior and atmosphere.

Invitation to leave feedback is sent to the client within an hour after the end of the reserved service unless the Salon has waived such service. The client may leave feedback regarding the Salon more than once if at least one month has passed since leaving of the previous feedback.

The ratings and feedback left may be displayed on the informative page of the relevant Salon on our site to inform both (potential future) clients and existing (regular) clients regarding your opinion, and may be (fully or partially) used and placed on the Tobook.lv website at our discretion (for example, for the purpose of improvement of marketing, sales promotion or our services), or in the messages of such social media networks or other channels, special offers, applications and other formats, whose owner, user or controller is Tobook.lv or our business partners. We reserve the right to adjust, reject or delete feedback at our discretion. The rating and feedback questionnaires are used for research purposes and do not contain any (further commercial) offers, invitations or other similar inducements.

10. Waiver

To the extent provided by law, neither we, nor any of our employees, representatives, cooperation partners or other persons involved in the creation, sponsoring, advertising, etc. of our website and its content shall be liable for:

(i) fines, losses and damages, loss of manufacturing, profit, turnover, agreements, goodwill, reputation or claim;

(ii) any discrepancies in the Salon (descriptive) information (including price and availability) indicated on our platform;

(iii) ensured services and products provided by the Salon or other business partners;

(iv) any (personal) trauma, death, damage to property or other (direct, indirect, deliberate, consequent or penal) losses, damages or costs incurred or which you have paid in respect of (legal) deeds, errors, violations, (gross) negligence, deliberate breach, misrepresentation, extortion, any (even partial) cancellation, overhead reservations, strikes, force majeure or any other circumstances outside our control.

Regardless of whether the fee for your service is (has been) charged by the Salon where you are located, or the payment is managed by the company Tobook.lv, you agree and confirm that the Salon is in any case responsible for withholding and paying the applicable and intended taxes to the relevant tax authorities for the full service price. Tobook.lv shall not be responsible for the withholding, collection, transfer and paying of tax from the service price to the relevant tax authorities.

11. Intellectual Property Rights

Suppliers and ensurers of Tobook.lv are the software owners also holding title to the intellectual property rights (including copyright) unless it is indicated otherwise.

The company AS DELFI, the owner of Tobook.lv is the owner of the title, all intellectual property and other rights to the site, its name, appearance, content (including infrastructure, content, translated content, clients’ feedback). You may not fully or partially copy, use, publish and in any other way utilise any content of the website (also hyperlinks) or the company’s brand without our prior written consent. If you (fully or partially) use our content or any of our intellectual property rights, you shall assign and transfer all of these intellectual property rights to the company AS DELFI. Any illegal use or any aforementioned activities or actions shall be considered as a significant violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights) with financial liability.

12. Miscellaneous

To the extent it is allowed by the laws and regulations, these terms and conditions and our service provision is governed and prepared based on the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, and any violation of these general terms and conditions must be submitted in the court of the Republic of Latvia or in the Court of Arbitration of Commercial Association (registration number 40003764832) in the composition of one judge in Latvian.

13. Regarding the company AS DELFI

The online beauty care service reservation platform Tobook.lv is maintained and ensured by the company AS DELFI subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. The company office is located at 4C Dēļu iela (third entry, 3rd floor), Riga, Latvia. Company registration number is 40003504352. Company VAT registration number is LV40003504352.